The money you donate will make a huge difference to the project and the charities we support! No amount is too great or too small.

Funds will be used solely for:

(a) Purchasing and distributing solar panel kits
(b) Supporting the selected community projects.
Any remaining funds donated will be equally divided between the partnering charities.

The impact of a solar light on a family in Africa is truly remarkable.
Light changes everything.
Just £6 can buy one solar light, provides 1006 extra hours of school study time per year, provides 2 people with better health, saves £145 of electricty and 1.1 tones of co2 emissions averted per year.

Get involved. Be part of the journey. Transform lives. Really make your support count!

Join us on a journey of body and soul on roads less traveled, the ultimate long distance cycling adventure in East Africa. Pedal for Purpose East Africa 2017 will be a journey undertaken by the two founders of the Pedal for Purpose Project. The two young ladies will cycle the entire route from Kenya through to Cape Town! Participants will be invited to connect with them on different legs of the journey and sponsors will be invited to follow all on their journey across the townships, dust-track and wilderness as they aim to shine a light for all of us to follow!