Rest day in Tanga

We decided to extend our stay in Tanga and stay another night.
We worked out we could get our bikes fixed up in Tanga, potentially make saddle bags for our bikes and dry our gear from the heavy showers we had cycled through!

lunga lunga

Lunga-Lunga to Tanga

Other than being bitten to smithereens by Mosquitos, we slept well.

With no money in hand for our Tanzania visa and no vaccination card for Lysianne, we set off early doors for the border crossing. It had been raining throughout the night. We cycled on wet roads – such a refreshing contrast to yesterday’s heat wave!

Msambweni to Lunga-Lunga Part 2

Today was ‘supposed’ to relatively easy. We set off nice and early and only had roughly 60km to ride to Lunga Lunga.
Today was hot! Boy we were really feeling the heat. We genuinely thought we wouldn’t make it.

Msambweni to Lunga Lunga Pt 1

We took our rest day in Msambweni at a friend’s house. The house was absolutely stunning, located on a cliff on the most incredible beach. The perfect spot to completely zone out. No wifi and no distractions.

After our day rest we travelled back to Diani to collect our bikes from Forty’s Beach Bar. Lysianne was also desperate to change her bike seat back to something similar to the Buffalo bike. Her bum was far too big for the more streamline seat.

pedal for purpose

Mombasa to Msambweni

Today we woke up feeling much more refreshed than the day before. No doubt we slept better knowing we were going to be riding lighter bikes!

We were waiting for the go ahead on the bikes from the heads at Nakumatt today so we scheduled a later start.

It is safe to say we took full advantage of this free morning – Emma spent the morning standing on her head on the beach whilst Lysianne splashed about in the pool! A perfect place to recharge for the next ride! The Voyager hotel were really incredible hosts!

Kilifi to Mombasa

Second day in and surprisingly we were not feeling too bad considering the onslaught our bodies took yesterday.

We were half expecting to wake up in crumpled balls on the floor. Instead we woke up on fire! Almost too much energy. We were dancing on each others heads by 6am. We actually sat on different tables at breakfast!

Today was 10km less than the day before so we assumed it was going to be more of a breeze. The slightly earlier morning meant it was definitely cooler.

driftwood hotel

Malindi to Kilifi

lamu yoga festival


Today is our last day on Lamu Island. The final day before we set off on the trip of a lifetime!
There have been many bumps in the lead up to today but as far as ‘Emma and Lysianne ready’ goes, we are definitely set to start!